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Hot Chocolate button

Drop a marshmallow – not a hot cocoa button – into your hot chocolate.

 hot chocolate pin-back button, hot cocoa button, hot chocolate button

Here’s a hot chocolate pin-back button that’s good for a couple cups!

A hot chocolate button is the next best thing to putting out a real cup for Santa – and it won’t be cold when he gets to your house either!

Did you know that leaving hot chocolate out for Santa isn’t too common? In some parts of the world people leave out beer or sherry – I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to drive his sleigh after having some alcohol!

Toboggan button

Not enough snow to go tobogganing? Make a toboggan pin-back button!

Vintage button, toboggan button, toboggan pin-back button

Vintage button of a couple having fun tobogganing down the hill.

Tobogganing was first used in Canada by First Nations to get around. When settlers came, they saw an opportunity for fun. Instead of having people or dogs drag the toboggan across flat land, they took them to the hills.

Don’t have a toboggan? You can use a plastic garbage bag or piece of cardboard. Just don’t use a toboggan button!

Snowman button

Unlike a real snowman, this snowman pin-back button won’t melt!

snowman button, snowman pin-back button, snowmen button

This isn’t a snowman button – it’s a snowmen button!

I wonder why it’s called a snowman… I’m sure there are snowwomen as well.

The 1950s tune “Frosty the Snowman” made them very popular, and around the same time the Bonhomme Carnaval mascot was created – Somehow he has kept from melting for almost 60 years!