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Font Buttons

We looked at word buttons yesterday. Now we are looking at the way words are made, with font buttons.

font pin-back button, font button

“It breaks my heard when you use Comic Sans” – Give this font button to the friend who insists on using *that* font!

font pin-back button, font button

“Helvetica – Enough Said” This font pin-back button doesn’t need to say any more!


Anne Frank Button, Quotes Button

Anne Frank button, quote button

“No one has ever become poor by giving” – Anne Frank button.

Anne Frank may have lived a short life, ending in a WW2 concentration camp, but she touched so many people with her positive attitude which is inspiring to people almost a century later.

If you want to purchase this button, you can find it at People Power Press along with other quotes buttons.

You can learn more about this amazing person by watching this video:

Text Buttons – Comic Buttons and Cartoon Buttons

Today we are looking at text buttons from comic books.

Please be mindful that these buttons might be Not Safe For Work

This cartoon pin-back button warns you of the “bad language” to come…

This cartoon pinback button is to the point!

comic pin-back button, comic pinback button

A comic pinback button with some more “shitty” language.

This cartoon button got a piece of hair stuck between the mylar and the paper. A good way to reduce the chance of this happening with your pin-back buttons is to have a clean, well-lit workspace.

Lots of text that is perfect for making into text buttons is often not permitted at work or school. Have you ever worn a button that someone has tried to censor you from wearing?

Text buttons

Buttons often contain images, or words with images, but some buttons contain only text.

This is the first in a short series of Text Buttons.

This newspaper button was made from an article criticizing the Ontario government,

This text pinback button is from an article about the Canadian government.

This text pin-back button is from a newspaper article about computers and art.

Have you ever read an interesting book or something else you wanted to keep? Make it into a button with your button maker!