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Canadian Button Makers

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Canadian Button Makers sell pin-back button supplies, from 2.2cm to 15.5cm! That’s half a foot, for those who prefer not to use metric.

We also sell button machines to make pinback buttons in different shapes – circle buttons, square buttons, oval buttons and rectangle buttons!

Want to make coasters for your home or cottage? We have materials to make those as well.

Please contact us with any questions, or to place your order.

Ottawa Buttons

We are ending our cross-country look at Canadian buttons in the capital of the nation!

Ottawa pins

Show your Canadian spirit with some pin-back buttons. These pinback buttons are a great way to be patriotic every day!

I really like the photo buttons of various Ottawa landmarks, and the square buttons have a nice look to them.

Do you want to show your Canadian pride by making some custom buttons? You can purchase a button maker from Canadian Button Makers, a 100% Canadian company!

This is only part of an amazing showcase of Canadian history. You can see The Mosaika Sound and Light Show this summer (July 10th to September 7th) on Parliament Hill.

Newfoundland Buttons

St. John’s and St. John are two places people often get confused. A way to remember the difference is “St. Johns isn’t south” Of course, you need to at least know where they are on the map for that to help you pass the test!

newfoundland pins

Some Newfoundland pin-back buttons. You can give a pinback button to your friends who get the two places confused!

Learn how to speak like a true Newfoundlander!