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Child Labour button – Political button

While child labour may not be a big issue here in Canada, across the planet there are hundreds of millions of children who are working. When we purchase something, we often aren’t fully aware of how it’s made or who made it, which is a reason why buying Canadian goods is a good way to combat child labour.

This child labour pin-back button is taken from an old comic. Political art – and political buttons – go back way farther than the 1960s

Child Labour button, Political button, Child Labour pin-back button, Political pin-back button

Child Labour button

Pretty scary political pin-back button of a Bourgeois boss eating children! Creepy comic button, perfect for getting the point across that child labour is wrong!

I love / heart Feminist Button

Women’s History Month may not be until March, but this feminism button is a great gift for the feminist in your life on Valentines Day.

womens rights button, feminist button, feminism button, love button, heart button

Heart button reading “I love feminists” Love button for your lover!

You can purchase this womens rights button as well as other political buttons here.

Remember that February is BLACK HISTORY MONTH but it’s something to be acknowledged year round. Check out these Revolutionary Women Feminist buttons, many of whom are People of Colour.

Sign button – Protest button

Why hold a sign when you can put on a sign button?

sign button, environmental button, protest button, political buttons

“When you stop the world will you get off?”

This environmental button is great for protests. Protest buttons should be large so they are easily visible. We have button makers of all sizes and even shapes. If you prefer to use a pre-made button, there are lots of different political buttons here.

Remembrance Day pin-back button

At 11:11 AM today people across Canada and other places in the world will stop doing schoolwork, stand and stay silent. Why do people do this? For Remembrance day. You can learn more about it here

Most people only wear a poppy, and some people consider wearing something along with the poppy (like a Rememberance Day button) to be disrespectful. Some people keep wearing the poppy after November 11th, but other people think it’s rude. If you want to remember all year long, you can with a Remembrance Day pin-back button

Remembrance Day pin-back button, Rememberance Day button, poppy button

Pretty poppy button

Text buttons

Buttons often contain images, or words with images, but some buttons contain only text.

This is the first in a short series of Text Buttons.

This newspaper button was made from an article criticizing the Ontario government,

This text pinback button is from an article about the Canadian government.

This text pin-back button is from a newspaper article about computers and art.

Have you ever read an interesting book or something else you wanted to keep? Make it into a button with your button maker!