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AIDS pin-back button – HIV pin-back button

Here is another HIV button from the World Aids Day 2013 campaign.

AIDS pin-back button, HIV pin-back button, AIDS button, HIV button, AIDS ribbon

AIDS pin-back button made in Toronto, Canada for World Aids Day

This AIDS button reads “No Questions No Answers” and shows the red AIDS ribbon.

People come up with lots of creative and innovative ways to raise awareness and money to fight AIDS, and making buttons is just one of many ways. Friends for Life does a yearly bike ride all the way from Toronto to Montreal!

Get a head start for World AIDS Day 2014, or fundraising campaigns throughout the year, by making some HIV pin-back buttons.

AIDS button – HIV button

HIV / AIDS facts you might not know, but need to:

* 1/4 of people who have it don’t know. This is why getting tested is important.

* 1/4 of people who have it are female. Stereotypes about it being a “mans disease” are false.

* 1/5th of people get it through heterosexual contact. This is why homophobic ideas about “who is infected” are just plain wrong.

AIDS pin-back button, AIDS button, HIV pin-back button, HIV button, World AIDS Day

This AIDS pin-back button was made for World AIDS Day 2013 in Toronto

HIV pin-back buttons are a good way to generate money for programs, and they also help raise awareness.

Come back next week for another HIV button from the same campaign.

LGBT button, Gay button, Queer Parent button

Most gay buttons aren’t focused on parenthood – but lots of gay men are also fathers. This is a queer parent button for all the kids with gay dads!

LGBT button, Gay button, Queer Parent button

An LGBT button that says “My parents are gay” This queer parent button is a good gift for gay daddies to give their little ones.

Find this button here.

Check out this amazing show of support against discrimination sadly often faced by queer parents:

Canadian Pride / LGBT Buttons

What better way to show your Canadian pride than with some LGBT Pride buttons?

pride, pin-back buttons, pinback buttons, lgbt pride buttons, canadian pride

Show your Pride with some pin-back buttons. Pinback buttons can go anywhere – even your underwear!

Toronto Pride takes place right before Canada Day, so you can celebrate your queerness and Canadian roots in the same weekend!

How are you getting ready for Pride celebrations?

LGBT Button

Pride may seem like it’s a far way off, but if you live in Toronto it’s only 2 months off – and if you live in other places, it can be even sooner.

pride button, lgbt button

A pride button to show your pride! This LGBT button was created by cutting out an advertisement. You can find stuff to make pin-back buttons just about anyplace!

What are you doing for Pride? Buttons are an economic and innovative way of letting others know about your party, programming or non-profit organization. Flyers often get thrown on the ground – buttons get worn, so they are seen not only by the person who you gave them to, but by everyone in the community and beyond!