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Sign button – Protest button

Why hold a sign when you can put on a sign button?

sign button, environmental button, protest button, political buttons

“When you stop the world will you get off?”

This environmental button is great for protests. Protest buttons should be large so they are easily visible. We have button makers of all sizes and even shapes. If you prefer to use a pre-made button, there are lots of different political buttons here.

Water Conservation button

Water, water, everywhere… but how much can you drink?

Most Canadians are fortunate enough to have access to fresh water, and we should be mindful of this privilege.

water conservation button, environmental button

A water conservation button with advice I can follow! This environmental button says “Conserve Water – Shower Together”

Engineers Without Borders is trying to improve access to water for people worldwide. Check out what they’re doing!

Earth Day buttons

Earth Day buttons, environmental buttons, pin-back buttons, political buttons

These Earth Day buttons remind people that Extinct Is Forever and demand to Stop Global Warming! Make every day Earth Day with these environmental buttons.

What are you doing for Earth Day? Why don’t you make some buttons? You could even make some to sell and donate the proceeds to an animal shelter or community garden or some other group in your area which helps improve the planet and the lives of those living on it!