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Atheist Button

Did you know that 30% of Canadians (polled by Ipsos Reid) say they do not believe in a God?

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This atheism button, which seconds as a lesbian button, reads “Sorry I missed church. I was busy practicing witchcraft and becoming a lesbian”

That means that less people would be offended by a button like this compared to when I was a kid and wore an anti-religion button; though wearing it around religious family probably didn’t help!

If you aren’t religious, do you let others know? If so, would you consider wearing a button as a way of letting others know you’re agnostic or atheist?

Canadian Pride / LGBT Buttons

What better way to show your Canadian pride than with some LGBT Pride buttons?

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Show your Pride with some pin-back buttons. Pinback buttons can go anywhere – even your underwear!

Toronto Pride takes place right before Canada Day, so you can celebrate your queerness and Canadian roots in the same weekend!

How are you getting ready for Pride celebrations?

Mother’s Day button

Just because someone is a mom doesn’t mean they can’t have style and sass.

Mother's Day pin-back button, Mother's Day button

This Mother’s Day button reads “If you must know, the boobs are real, the smile is fake”

Purchase this Mother’s Day pin-back button here.

This Mother’s Day pin-back button is perfect for my mother (but switch the two around!) What are you getting the mother figure in your life for Mother’s Day?

Happy Mother’s Day!

May Day button

May Day is tomorrow!

May Day button, May Day pin-back button

A May Day button, perfect for any day! This May Day pin-back button puts forth the philosophy that “You have nothing to loose but your chains”. Put this into practice on May Day!

If you don’t know why it’s worth celebrating, here’s the history behind International Workers Day, which takes place on May 1st.

In Canada, the first Monday in September has been designated as the official Labour Day – which means we get two days to celebrate the successes of workers in the past, and two days to demand stronger rights for the future!

Canadian Button Makers

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Canadian Button Makers sell pin-back button supplies, from 2.2cm to 15.5cm! That’s half a foot, for those who prefer not to use metric.

We also sell button machines to make pinback buttons in different shapes – circle buttons, square buttons, oval buttons and rectangle buttons!

Want to make coasters for your home or cottage? We have materials to make those as well.

Please contact us with any questions, or to place your order.