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LGBT button, Gay button, Queer Parent button

Most gay buttons aren’t focused on parenthood – but lots of gay men are also fathers. This is a queer parent button for all the kids with gay dads!

LGBT button, Gay button, Queer Parent button

An LGBT button that says “My parents are gay” This queer parent button is a good gift for gay daddies to give their little ones.

Find this button here.

Check out this amazing show of support against discrimination sadly often faced by queer parents:

Canadian Button Makers

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Canadian Button Makers sell pin-back button supplies, from 2.2cm to 15.5cm! That’s half a foot, for those who prefer not to use metric.

We also sell button machines to make pinback buttons in different shapes – circle buttons, square buttons, oval buttons and rectangle buttons!

Want to make coasters for your home or cottage? We have materials to make those as well.

Please contact us with any questions, or to place your order.

Bicycle Buttons / Carfree Buttons

Check out these bicycle buttons, made by Canadian Button Makers

carfree pins, bicycle pins

These bicycle pin-back buttons are perfect for putting on your bike vest. Pinback buttons are sturdy in all sorts of weather, and are unlikely to fall off.

Watch these Canadians amazing journey cross country by bike (Warning for language (“f”-word))

Canadian Buttons

Show your Canadian Pride on your heart with a pin-back button of the Canadian flag!

canadian pins, canadian buttons, pin-back buttons, pinback buttons

You can make almost anything out of pinback buttons. This flag was made by combining different pin-back buttons with the Canadian maple leaf.

You can purchase a button maker or supplies for your button maker from Canadian Button Makers, to make your own custom Canadian buttons. Want a pre-made pin-back button? Here is a pinback button of the Canadian flag.