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Sign button – Protest button

Why hold a sign when you can put on a sign button?

sign button, environmental button, protest button, political buttons

“When you stop the world will you get off?”

This environmental button is great for protests. Protest buttons should be large so they are easily visible. We have button makers of all sizes and even shapes. If you prefer to use a pre-made button, there are lots of different political buttons here.

Astronaut pin-back button

You can make astronaut pin-back buttons out of print materials from the school or science centre. Space buttons can make a good addition to a science fair if you put them out in a bowl on the table next to your bristol board and other presentation material. “Teacher; this is totally not a bribe!”

23 button, space pin-back button, astronaut pin-back button, astronaut button, space button

This spaceman – or woman or person – bears the number 23 on their spacesuit. Why not wear a 23 button on your earth suit?

Why not make an astronaut button of your favorite space person like Chris Hadfield, or you can cut out pictures from old science fiction comic books, or photos from the night sky at camp, or… The possibilities are pretty much like space – endless!

What would happen if you were wearing a space pin-back button in space and something got poked?


Remembrance Day pin-back button

At 11:11 AM today people across Canada and other places in the world will stop doing schoolwork, stand and stay silent. Why do people do this? For Remembrance day. You can learn more about it here

Most people only wear a poppy, and some people consider wearing something along with the poppy (like a Rememberance Day button) to be disrespectful. Some people keep wearing the poppy after November 11th, but other people think it’s rude. If you want to remember all year long, you can with a Remembrance Day pin-back button

Remembrance Day pin-back button, Rememberance Day button, poppy button

Pretty poppy button