Monthly Archives: June 2013

Native buttons, First Nations buttons, Aboriginal buttons

Today (June 21st) is Aboriginal Day!

Native button, First Nations button, Aboriginal button

First Nations button with a strong message! “North America out of Turtle Island” reads this Native button.

Native button, First Nations button, Aboriginal button, medicine wheel

An aboriginal button that is very recognizable. Do you know what the colours of the medicine wheel mean? If you don’t, this weekend is a good time to find out!

Learn more about National Aboriginal Day:

Food buttons

Summer time means stuffing your face – the CNE, Calgary Stampede, BBQ in the backyard and cottage – There are so many places to eat so much good food!

hot dog button, food button

This hot dog button looks good – but a food button isn’t to eat!

food pin-back button, food button

You have to top your hot dog with something. This food pin-back button asks “Got ketchup?” I like how this food button is yellow like mustard.

What is your favourite food to eat in the summer?