Monthly Archives: May 2013

Water Conservation button

Water, water, everywhere… but how much can you drink?

Most Canadians are fortunate enough to have access to fresh water, and we should be mindful of this privilege.

water conservation button, environmental button

A water conservation button with advice I can follow! This environmental button says “Conserve Water – Shower Together”

Engineers Without Borders is trying to improve access to water for people worldwide. Check out what they’re doing!

Education button

As the song goes, Schools out for summer…

education button, pin-back button

This education button reads “Defend education – Don’t defund it”. This pin-back button is a good way to inform people about the state of schools.

“Super!” is what most students think.

But let’s think about why lots of kids don’t like school? Old books, run down toys and gym equipment, small classrooms, too many students and too little time to get help – schools just don’t have enough money to make ends meet.

What do you think can be done to change this?

Police Brutality button

When most people think about Canada and cops, “police brutality” isn’t often the first thing that comes to mind.

photo button, police brutality, pin-back button

Photo button showing an act of police brutality. SHAME! This pin-back button makes me want to push back against state violence.

Unfortunately, Canada is the sight of police misconduct. Some recent examples include a police officer beating a blind doctor and police arresting over 150 people in Montreal marching in a protest against police brutality, because the demonstrators “didn’t provide a route”