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Anne Frank Button, Quotes Button

Anne Frank button, quote button

“No one has ever become poor by giving” – Anne Frank button.

Anne Frank may have lived a short life, ending in a WW2 concentration camp, but she touched so many people with her positive attitude which is inspiring to people almost a century later.

If you want to purchase this button, you can find it at People Power Press along with other quotes buttons.

You can learn more about this amazing person by watching this video:

Canadian Pride / LGBT Buttons

What better way to show your Canadian pride than with some LGBT Pride buttons?

pride, pin-back buttons, pinback buttons, lgbt pride buttons, canadian pride

Show your Pride with some pin-back buttons. Pinback buttons can go anywhere – even your underwear!

Toronto Pride takes place right before Canada Day, so you can celebrate your queerness and Canadian roots in the same weekend!

How are you getting ready for Pride celebrations?

Steampunk Buttons

Steampunk bridges the gap between the past and present – and future – in a smart and sexy way!

steampunk button, steampunk pin-back button

Every steampunk enthusiast needs a good coat – it can get cold out there in outer space! Put this steampunk pin-back button on your coat and let others know about your love for the past – anytime!

steampunk button, clock button, pin-back button

Talking about time – here is a clock button. Even if you don’t have a watch, this pin-back button will tell you the proper time twice every day!

Want to make some steampunk buttons of your own? Here is a good way to get started!

Mother’s Day button

Just because someone is a mom doesn’t mean they can’t have style and sass.

Mother's Day pin-back button, Mother's Day button

This Mother’s Day button reads “If you must know, the boobs are real, the smile is fake”

Purchase this Mother’s Day pin-back button here.

This Mother’s Day pin-back button is perfect for my mother (but switch the two around!) What are you getting the mother figure in your life for Mother’s Day?

Happy Mother’s Day!