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May Day button

May Day is tomorrow!

May Day button, May Day pin-back button

A May Day button, perfect for any day! This May Day pin-back button puts forth the philosophy that “You have nothing to loose but your chains”. Put this into practice on May Day!

If you don’t know why it’s worth celebrating, here’s the history behind International Workers Day, which takes place on May 1st.

In Canada, the first Monday in September has been designated as the official Labour Day – which means we get two days to celebrate the successes of workers in the past, and two days to demand stronger rights for the future!

LGBT Button

Pride may seem like it’s a far way off, but if you live in Toronto it’s only 2 months off – and if you live in other places, it can be even sooner.

pride button, lgbt button

A pride button to show your pride! This LGBT button was created by cutting out an advertisement. You can find stuff to make pin-back buttons just about anyplace!

What are you doing for Pride? Buttons are an economic and innovative way of letting others know about your party, programming or non-profit organization. Flyers often get thrown on the ground – buttons get worn, so they are seen not only by the person who you gave them to, but by everyone in the community and beyond!

Earth Day buttons

Earth Day buttons, environmental buttons, pin-back buttons, political buttons

These Earth Day buttons remind people that Extinct Is Forever and demand to Stop Global Warming! Make every day Earth Day with these environmental buttons.

What are you doing for Earth Day? Why don’t you make some buttons? You could even make some to sell and donate the proceeds to an animal shelter or community garden or some other group in your area which helps improve the planet and the lives of those living on it!

Canadian Button Makers

canadian button makers, buy buttons, buy pins, buy pin-back buttons

Canadian Button Makers sell pin-back button supplies, from 2.2cm to 15.5cm! That’s half a foot, for those who prefer not to use metric.

We also sell button machines to make pinback buttons in different shapes – circle buttons, square buttons, oval buttons and rectangle buttons!

Want to make coasters for your home or cottage? We have materials to make those as well.

Please contact us with any questions, or to place your order.

Text Buttons – Comic Buttons and Cartoon Buttons

Today we are looking at text buttons from comic books.

Please be mindful that these buttons might be Not Safe For Work

This cartoon pin-back button warns you of the “bad language” to come…

This cartoon pinback button is to the point!

comic pin-back button, comic pinback button

A comic pinback button with some more “shitty” language.

This cartoon button got a piece of hair stuck between the mylar and the paper. A good way to reduce the chance of this happening with your pin-back buttons is to have a clean, well-lit workspace.

Lots of text that is perfect for making into text buttons is often not permitted at work or school. Have you ever worn a button that someone has tried to censor you from wearing?

Text buttons

Buttons often contain images, or words with images, but some buttons contain only text.

This is the first in a short series of Text Buttons.

This newspaper button was made from an article criticizing the Ontario government,

This text pinback button is from an article about the Canadian government.

This text pin-back button is from a newspaper article about computers and art.

Have you ever read an interesting book or something else you wanted to keep? Make it into a button with your button maker!

420 Buttons / Weed Buttons

Don’t space on the date! 420 is coming up this weekend. Writing something on your hand isn’t as good as something like a button. Here are a couple weed buttons to help you remember… but if you forget because you smoked a bunch of weed, then you are already “celebrating” in some sense.

420 pinback button,  marijuana button

Highway 420 pin-back button. This highway actually exists, and it’s in Canada!

weed pin-back button, weed button

Snuffy is Big Birds invisible friend, and this weed pin-back button shows him smoking some weed.

You can find more weed buttons here!

Toronto Buttons

Show your hometown, or city, pride with some buttons!

toronto pin, toronto pin-back button

This pinback button shows the Toronto skyline.

comic pin-back button, comic pinback button, toronto button

A comic button of a superhero protecting the CN Tower.

ttc pinback button, ttc pin-back button

TTC button of an “old” streetcar. The iconic Red Rockets are slated to be replaced starting in 2014.

Do you have any photos of Toronto you have made into pin-back buttons? Share them with us and we will put it up on here!