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Newfoundland Buttons

St. John’s and St. John are two places people often get confused. A way to remember the difference is “St. Johns isn’t south” Of course, you need to at least know where they are on the map for that to help you pass the test!

newfoundland pins

Some Newfoundland pin-back buttons. You can give a pinback button to your friends who get the two places confused!

Learn how to speak like a true Newfoundlander!

Montreal Buttons

Moving on up to Montreal!


Some Montreal buttons:


A pinback button of the fleur-de-lis, a square button, and a pin-back button with the crest of Montreal.

Toronto to Montreal in a few minutes. I wish it was like this in real life!

The longest time it took me to travel between the two cities was twelve hours, due to the bus breaking down. Do you have any memorable stories about traveling in Canada?