Child Labour button – Political button

While child labour may not be a big issue here in Canada, across the planet there are hundreds of millions of children who are working. When we purchase something, we often aren’t fully aware of how it’s made or who made it, which is a reason why buying Canadian goods is a good way to combat child labour.

This child labour pin-back button is taken from an old comic. Political art – and political buttons – go back way farther than the 1960s

Child Labour button, Political button, Child Labour pin-back button, Political pin-back button

Child Labour button

Pretty scary political pin-back button of a Bourgeois boss eating children! Creepy comic button, perfect for getting the point across that child labour is wrong!

Condom button / Safe sex button

If you have problems remembering to cover your pecker with a condom, especially on Valentines Day – there’s a reason the other name for the holiday is “VD Day” – a safe sex button might be useful!

condom button, condom pin-back button, safe sex button, safe sex pin-back button, sex button, sex pin-back button, sex ed pin-back button, sex ed button

Cute condom pin-back button!

Promote the practice of safer sex with a safe sex pin-back button. You could even make a condom button with a real condom inside! Just make sure whoever gets the condom button knows that they can’t use the condom pin-back button when in bed.

Have you ever used sex ed buttons? What were the results? Some people find that sex ed pin-back buttons can help start conversations which otherwise might be difficult.

I love / heart Feminist Button

Women’s History Month may not be until March, but this feminism button is a great gift for the feminist in your life on Valentines Day.

womens rights button, feminist button, feminism button, love button, heart button

Heart button reading “I love feminists” Love button for your lover!

You can purchase this womens rights button as well as other political buttons here.

Remember that February is BLACK HISTORY MONTH but it’s something to be acknowledged year round. Check out these Revolutionary Women Feminist buttons, many of whom are People of Colour.

Pie button – Pi button

Yummy pie pin-back button, looking good enough to eatĀ  – just don’t try putting this pie button in your piehole!

pie pin-back button, pie button, pi button, math button, math pin-back button

Not that we are recommending cheating in school, but you could make a math pin-back button with the answers to the test. We do, however, recommend making magnets to post that big F on the test when you do get caught! Make your own pi button or other math button, and hopefully you will have the information memorized in time for the test…. 3.14159….?

Colourful button

Some people made a bunch of buttons, including this colourful button, from a poster for sex workers in Toronto, Canada.

colourful button, creative button

Do you recognize the poster or know more about this? If so, please submit the full copy and we will add it to the entry.

What other creative buttons have you seen or made? Send them to us and we will make an entry highlighting your creation.

AIDS pin-back button – HIV pin-back button

Here is another HIV button from the World Aids Day 2013 campaign.

AIDS pin-back button, HIV pin-back button, AIDS button, HIV button, AIDS ribbon

AIDS pin-back button made in Toronto, Canada for World Aids Day

This AIDS button reads “No Questions No Answers” and shows the red AIDS ribbon.

People come up with lots of creative and innovative ways to raise awareness and money to fight AIDS, and making buttons is just one of many ways. Friends for Life does a yearly bike ride all the way from Toronto to Montreal!

Get a head start for World AIDS Day 2014, or fundraising campaigns throughout the year, by making some HIV pin-back buttons.

AIDS button – HIV button

HIV / AIDS facts you might not know, but need to:

* 1/4 of people who have it don’t know. This is why getting tested is important.

* 1/4 of people who have it are female. Stereotypes about it being a “mans disease” are false.

* 1/5th of people get it through heterosexual contact. This is why homophobic ideas about “who is infected” are just plain wrong.

AIDS pin-back button, AIDS button, HIV pin-back button, HIV button, World AIDS Day

This AIDS pin-back button was made for World AIDS Day 2013 in Toronto

HIV pin-back buttons are a good way to generate money for programs, and they also help raise awareness.

Come back next week for another HIV button from the same campaign.

Happy New Years button

Happy New Year – what other way would we celebrate than to show a Happy New Years pin-backĀ  button?!

Happy New Years pin-back button, happy new years button, fireworks button, toronto button, new years pin-back button, new years button

Fun fireworks button!

This is a terrific Toronto button – but there’s amazing fireworks in other Canadian cities as well. Check out your local newspaper to see what is going on, but whatever you plan to do make sure you have a safe ride home! Or you might opt to stay inside and watch on television. Hopefully Rock et Belles Oreilles will have a skit.

Happy New Years button makers style!

Hot Chocolate button

Drop a marshmallow – not a hot cocoa button – into your hot chocolate.

 hot chocolate pin-back button, hot cocoa button, hot chocolate button

Here’s a hot chocolate pin-back button that’s good for a couple cups!

A hot chocolate button is the next best thing to putting out a real cup for Santa – and it won’t be cold when he gets to your house either!

Did you know that leaving hot chocolate out for Santa isn’t too common? In some parts of the world people leave out beer or sherry – I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to drive his sleigh after having some alcohol!

Toboggan button

Not enough snow to go tobogganing? Make a toboggan pin-back button!

Vintage button, toboggan button, toboggan pin-back button

Vintage button of a couple having fun tobogganing down the hill.

Tobogganing was first used in Canada by First Nations to get around. When settlers came, they saw an opportunity for fun. Instead of having people or dogs drag the toboggan across flat land, they took them to the hills.

Don’t have a toboggan? You can use a plastic garbage bag or piece of cardboard. Just don’t use a toboggan button!